Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Yes...as y'all know it. Aku dah x update paper since this year's new year. So I'm making it official that I'm closing this blog for sure. I'm not gonna delete this blog sbb bender nih byk sgt memory. Syg nak buang mcm tuh jer. But closing this blog doesn't mean that aku stop blogging. I'm moving to another blogger website and post my updates there. Papai~

Click on the icons below to go to my new blog page:

See y'all there :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Sedar2 dah tahun 2010. So long 2009! Fuh kalu nak tgk balik byk gler bender dtg kat aku. Nak summarize pon mcm panjang jer....hahahaha. Ader yg aku share kat blog nih n ader yg aku share kat blog lagi satu n ader yg aku simpan..hahahaha. So anyway hope that 2010 put a good start to me...and korunk la....hahahaha. EPI NU YA!!!!