Wednesday, August 6, 2008

....and so it begins

Nih kali pertama aku guner Blogspot..
bkan sbb aper...
sajer jer nak try buat..
anyway..i started out with sharing y'all my experience at the bon dori festival that was held at Shah Alam on Jun the 11th 2008....
I went there with the MMU Cyberjaya's Emina Club...

19.00: opening - drum performance
19.15: cultural dance part 1
19.45: guest performance
20.00 cultural dance part 2
20.30: guest performance
20.45: cultural dance part 3
21.15: closing

It was packed!!! was fun!
I dance and laugh at the festival...
One of the thing i remember the most will be the Japanese Curry Rice.....beside the dancing and all...hehehe
That thing was off the hook!!!
4 Real....for those who never try it before, go and try now......

I know....cute huh?

a lot girls in the EMiNA Club asked me to take a pict of this guy here (above)....watever :(

this kid's laughter was cute....i know it cuz i heard 'em...LOL

*The final dance - finished*

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