Monday, September 28, 2009

The Projects

Post2 dulu aku slalu letak any assignment aku kat blog nih.
Juz to share ngan 'FAN's.
So here it goes;

Nih final assignment utk subject:
Visual Programming.
Kitorunk kener wat game flash.
Tema dier Space Shooting.
So here's mine:

So my concept was the 80's / 90's arcade game.
So everything is in pixel.
Storyline pon ader gak.
Juz to spice things up a bit.
Overall agak satisfy la~

Next one is the final project for:
Vector Graphics
Kitorunk kener wat atleast 25 sec n above of infograhics in motion.
Assignment nih based on our previous assignment.
Previously wat infographic poster n kali nih video lak.
So tajuk still the same.
Tajuk aku: Red Panda

Note to 'FAN's.
Red Pandas are REAL ANIMAL!!
Took me more or less 4 hours to finish.
Sbb besoknyer nak kener submit kot!

The next project is for the subject:
Digital Media Design 1
Kitorunk kener wat CD application utk any cultural topic yg sendiri pilih.
Aku pilih Kuda Kepang.
Here it is:

Again aku wat style page flips.
Bosan la plak.
Lect suh aku wat style cam surat khabar.
Tp aku dah wat maser final DM Beta last sem.
So aku wat style piles of papers.
Hbs citer.
Again mcm final vector.
Aku wat last minute.
Aku start lepas berbuka. Ends kul 8 pagi. Then present kul 9.30 pagi.

Finally final project utk subject:
Video Post Production
Kener wat MMU promo in motion graphics.
Nih group.
Group aku wat psl course Film Animation kat FCM, MMU:

All I can say is that
Sggh memenatkan!!!
Thk God dah siap sumer
Now ready for the Final Exam

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